Applying for the Amhotep program for 2020 has been extended

In the framework of activating the Egyptian-French Scientific Cooperation Program (Imhotep), which is implemented between

 the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Scientific Research and Technology Academy is responsible for the administrative work of the program on the Egyptian side and the EGIDEAgency is responsible for the administrative work on the French side. In this context, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is pleased to announce the acceptance of research proposals for the years 2020/2021 in the following research areas

1-Water: sewage, water desalination, irrigation

2-Environment: renewable energy, hydrogen fuel cells, electric car batteries

3-Health, biology and medicine: the use of biotechnology to produce enzymes, advanced diagnostic techniques for hepatitis C diseases



6-Space sciences


8-Humanities and Social Sciences

9-Community Science (Tourism and Education(

10-Engineering Sciences (importance for energy projects(

11-Science and information and communication technology: multimedia

12- Agriculture, animal production of agricultural crops

The program will be available for 24 months. The Academy will finance each project for LE100,000 per year. Researchers wishing to participate in the program must register online

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Important note:

-- The Principal Investigator and the alternate researcher should belong to the research team to the same university or research center. For the rest of the team members, they may belong to different quarters.

-- The private universities accredited in the Arab Republic of Egypt are allowed to apply in accordance with this Declaration, as do the government universities.

Deadline for submission of research proposals: 15 April 2019.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail

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