International activity of Mansoura University in 6 European universities with the participation of 25 professors

The Office of International Relations and Erasmus University of Mansoura organized a number of academic visits to 25 faculty members from 9 faculties of the University to conduct scientific and academic visits to six European universities under the auspices of Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University,

Prof. Ashraf Sewelam Vice President for post Graduate Studies and Research, and the coordination and organization of Prof. Mohamed Salah, Director of the Office of International Relations, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ayadi Erasmus Coordinator. Following the apparent success of the second International Erasmus Week at Mansoura University last March, which hosted 50 foreign professors from 7 European universities from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania, academic visits were coordinated for faculty members from Mansoura University and supported by the European Union within the Erasmus Program, as follows:

- Prof. Sobhi Abdelkader Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ayadi Erasmus University Coordinator, dr. Sally Magdy, International Relations Specialist, International Relations Office, participated in the International Week of the University of Bialystok in Poland. They presented scientific and educational lectures about Mansoura University and exchanged international experiences in the fields of engineering sciences and international relations. On the sidelines of the events, the President of the University of Bialystok signed the cooperation agreement signed by Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, dr. Subhi Abdel Kader coordination to activate joint programs and exchange of students and professors in various engineering fields.

- Prof. Dimitro Kirlshan, President of the University of Phetty, received a delegation of 14 professors from 6 faculties at the university as part of an academic visit to the University of Phetty in Romania to activate the cooperation agreement through the Erasmus Program. The delegation included Hosny Ghazala, Vice Dean of Faculty of Science for Education and Students Affairs, Rizk Mustafa, Undersecretary of the Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environmental Development, Ahmed El Mahmoudi, Head of Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Mohamed Salah Professor of Physics and Coordinator of Cooperation, Hamdi Shaheen Head of English Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Dr. Basma Hosny, Dr. Rehab Farouk, Faculty of Arts, Sherif Keshk Director of the Center for Technology and Communications, Dr. Ahmed Al-Naqib from the Faculty of Engineering, Ahmed Yahya Obaid, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Commerce for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Marwa Hassan from the Faculty of Commerce, dr. Wafaa Jamil, Vice Dean of Faculty of Nursing for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Iman Fadel from the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Iman Abou El Fadl from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The members of the delegation provided scientific lectures in their respective fields and participated in discussions of future cooperation to maximize the benefit of European funding opportunities for joint ventures.

On the sidelines of the events, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Phetty signed a cooperation agreement to activate the framework agreement between the two arts colleges to start work on joint programs to exchange professors and students and coordinate academic projects that promote the cultural dimension between the two countries.

- Both Dr. Amina Al-Nemer Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Mona Shaaban Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy visited the Academy of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova in Romania, where they gave lectures in the nursing and pharmacy colleges and visited laboratories and advanced research centers, especially in biological and medical sciences. In the meantime, And met with Prof. Kuralia Kotorashi and Vice President for Scientific Research Professor Anka Harminian. He visited the Life Science Research Center, which contains several advanced scientific instruments in biological sciences and the Living Cell Research Center.

- A delegation from Mansoura University participated in the activities of the international week at the University of Vitutas Magnus in Lithuania to activate the cooperation agreement and coordinate future cooperation activities of the exchange of students and professors. The delegation included Mohammed Atwa Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Mohamed Salah Coordinator of the Cooperation Agreement. The members of the delegation presented academic lectures and introduced the University of Mansoura to the participants from more than 10 different countries attended the International Cooperation Week organized by the Department of International Cooperation at the University of Vitutas Magnus. It was agreed. Mohamed Atwa with Prof. Rita Bandraftchen, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, on the exchange of students to train them and spend a period of study to expand the students' perceptions and give them the international dimension in their academic achievement. The colleges and academic programs at the university have been reviewed, which opens the horizons for cooperation in the development of curricula and curricula.

- The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine sent both Adel Abdul Khaliq, Director of Food Safety and Health Program, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Marwa Fawzi is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to visit the Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture in Timisoara, Romania. The members of the delegation delivered specialized lectures in the field of food and veterinary medicine and an understanding was reached on increasing the number of academic exchanges between professors and students.

The training was also organized for 4 graduate students from the two assistants and assistant teachers for training periods ranging from two months to four months, including a teaching assistant in the English language at the University of Phetty, a teacher from the Faculty of Agriculture and an assistant professor from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture in Timisoara .

" Mohamed Salah said that this international activity comes within the framework of encouraging Mansoura University administration for international cooperation and maximizing the use of foreign funding programs to support academic mobility and joint educational projects. These partnerships were built over the years prior to the launch of these projects for academic mobility, making Mansoura University at the forefront of Egyptian universities in this activity and international cooperation.

"Dr. Abdel Basset stressed the importance of activating the agreements and increasing the number of exchange for students and professors and benefiting from the experiences of European partners and other distinguished universities in the modern scientific and academic disciplines, which helps in the development of academic programs and the establishment of new programs to cope with the development and requirements of the labor market in the light of sustainable development. The University of Mansoura is always a pioneer in the initiatives of international relations and cooperation to activate the recommendations of the Arab-European Summit to establish good rules of cooperation on both sides of the Mediterranean to suit the qualifications of Mansoura University.