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Study at Mansoura University

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The student begins to progress through the Ibn Al Haitham post-graduate Studies system (diploma - master - PhD) according to the specific dates for each and required documents with each procedure:

1. Registration

After reviewing the student's documents, the approval of the relevant scientific department council, the committee of Post-graduate studies and the college council is sent these decoments to the administration of Post-graduate studies for accreditation from the post-gradute studies council or from Vice President of the University for post-graduate Studies and enclosed:

2. Amendment Supervisory Committee

The amendment shall be either by deletion or addition and take into account the following cases:

The required documents:

3. Modify the title of thesis

This is to check the title or change the subject. The new title is presented to the competent councils of the faculty and enclose:

 4. Extension of Registration

This shall be done after the expiry of the legal duration of admission or registration in accordance with the regulations of each faculty.

5. Stop Admission or registration

It shall be compulsory for the assistance of faculty members in the case of Vacation and students from abroad according to circumstances and after the approval of the competent councils of the faculty.

6. Formation of a discussion committee

If the thesis has been completed and becomes valid for discussion, the supervisor (s) shall submit a validity report to the competent councils. It shall be submitted for accreditation by the Vice President for Graduate Studies and enclose:

7. Renewal of the committee of discussion

This is due to the defense isn't done in its time (two months for the Masters and three months for the Ph.D. from the date of approved the Vice-President for postgraduate studies). The supervisor submits an request to Dean of the College and to Vice President of the University for Post-graduate Studies with a memorandum from the Ibn Al-Haitham system states the justification.

8. Amendment of committee of the discussion and judgment

In case of amending the members of discussion and judgment committee, the reasons for modifying should be clarified with the approval of the faculty councils. The apology of the committee member should be attached.

9. Awarded the degree

After discussing the thesis and making the required modifications and passing the exams in some colleges, the degree is awarded and enclose: