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The Classification And the International Cooperation Day


Monday,14 March 2022 Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs sector organized the Classification And the International Cooperation Day under the patronage of Dr. / Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister. , Within the framework of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Mansoura University under the slogan "An ancient history and a promising future," ,
Prof. Dr. / Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Dr. / Mohamed El-Shennawy - President of Galala University and , Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Amin hamza- former President of Mansoura University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bayoumy Shehab El-Din, former President of Mansoura University, Pro. Dr. Ashraf Tarek Hafez - Vice President for Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs, Prof. Dr. Shawky Mohamed Hassan, former Vice President for Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs, Prof. Dr.Magda Nasr - Former Vice President for Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs Prof. Dr.Ashraf Sewalem - Former Vice President for Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs, Prof. Dr. Azza Ismail Othman, supervisor of the classification office ,University President's Adviser for international relations and former dean of the Faculty of Science, a number of deans of the university’s faculties, Prof. Dr. Reham Bahy - Professor of International Relations at Cairo University,Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Refay- Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, and the supervisor of the International Relations Office at the university, Dr. Mohamed Raeed - Coordinator of the Elsevier Foundation for International Publishing in Africa, Prof.Dr. Mona El Helaly - Director of the Classification Office , Dr. Rania El Tabey, coordinator at the Envoys support office, members of the university’s Envoys support office, Dr. Amr Awad, the university’s research coordinator, Dr. Ahmed Fekry, the director of the scholarships office at the university, Dr. Amr Gabr, the director of the university’s Patentability of invention office, Dr. Mohammad Mamdouh, Director of the Technology Transfer and Marketing Office, Mr. Osama Moussa - Secretary General of the University.
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset referred to the celebration of the golden jubilee of Mansoura University by organizing 20 scientific activities through the three sectors of the university: education , scientific research, community service and environmental development and 50 activities through university faculties during the academic year 2022/2021 in line with The Sustainable Development Goals and Egypt’s Vision 2030. He added that the Classification and International Cooperation Day is one of these activities because most international classifications depend on the development of scientific research and international publishing, which prompted the university to support research laboratories and increase incentives for international publishing. He announced the activation of a cooperation agreement with the British University of Lovell to stimulate student exchange in the Faculties of Engineering, Computers and Information.
Prof. Dr. / Mohamed El-Shennawy expressed his happiness to be at Mansoura University and referred to the cooperation between mansoura university and Galala University in organizing the conference of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels last week, considering that cooperation between a public and a private university is an important step for internationalization.
He stated that the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education is based on achieving Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2020 by increasing the number of Egyptian university students from 3.4 million to 5.6 million and increasing related educational programs in universities to industry and community needs and activating the internationalization of scientific research, noting that there are 27 government universities 29 private universities , and 3 technological universities, and the Ministry of Higher Education is seeking to establish more universities to reduce pressure on public universities to become the proportion of their students 55% of university students instead of 80% of them.
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hafez mentioned that the goal of the International Relations Office at Mansoura University is to make the university's graduates and professors at the highest level that qualifies them to compete globally Through partnerships with international universities . He stated that Mansoura University occupies an advanced position in the international classifications thanks to the dedication of its professors for many years.
Dr. Mohamed Raeed praised the University's distinguished role in international publishing, which made it currently among the top 500 international universities . He thought that this distinction is due to the university’s excellence in teaching, scientific research, international publication and reference citation.
Dr. Reham Bahy reviewed an explanation of what internationalization is and its importance in all fields
The event was presented by Dr. Nashwa Ibrahim - Coordinator at the Envoys support office at mansoura university

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