Major services provided by the TICO office

Technology Transfer Office TTO

  • Strategize transfer and marketing university’s outputs , innovations and training programs to factories and companies to  benefit from university’s research services.
  • Identifying the needs of factories and companies training and technology, and trying to benefit them from the university's services.
  • Cooperating with institutions and companies in applying research results and training students and researchers.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of staff  members, researchers and innovative students and promote them in the business market .

Grants & International cooperation office  GICO

  • Helping each researcher to be able to obtain the necessary funding for his research or project.
  • Provide guidance on how to write a research proposal.
  • Guiding researchers on how to apply for grants.
  • Guiding researchers on how to apply for scholarships
  • Organizing workshops and training courses to improve researcher skills and making the researcher eligible to earns  grants.
  • Organizing workshops, to identify researcher of Entities that provide grants as well as the types of projects funded by these Entities, and how to fill out application forms for these projects.
  • Helbing in Organizing  research groups in various fields to be eligible to apply for scholarships for international cooperation
  • Funding and evaluating ideas and small projects created by technical students.

Technology Innovation Support Center (TISC)

The office works through an executive strategy based on spreading the culture of innovation and registering intellectual property rights, as well as providing an appropriate environment for innovators through the technical support provided by the office.

  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial thinking and culture.
  • Spreading awareness of the importance of business projects and knowledge.
  • Create a positive atmosphere that enhances trust, exchange of knowledge and ideas among student community
  • Supporting the needs of students interested in entrepreneurship.

Target group for Tico office:-

  • Students
  • Teaching staff members
  • employees

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