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Webinar Titled: Generative AI for Everyone

This webinar organized by the Ministry's Innovators Support Fund (ISF) in partnership with NVIDIA , where you will get a chance to learn about emerging trends in the field of AI.
In this webinar, you will discover more abut generative AI. Generative models are accelerating the development of applications for many use cases, including question-answering, summarizing, textual entailment, and generating 2D and 3D images and audio, among others. We will take a virtual talk tour from an overview of the major developments in generative AI, where it currently stands, and what it could be capable of. We’ll also cover technical details and popular use cases driving next-gen generative applications, as well as how businesses can responsibly take advantage of the technology. This session is suitable for all technical and business levels.
Webinar Title: Generative AI for Everyone
Speaker: Amulya Vishwanath, Head of Developer Relations Emerging Markets @ NVIDIA.
Date: Tuesday 16/5/2023
Time: 6:00-7:30pm Cairo Time

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