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Mansoura University has honored 73 scientists and researchers during" The 13 Science Day"

Mansoura University  has honored 73 scientists and researchers who won the Nile award  during the celebration of “the 13 Science Day”,As  well as honoring  scientists and researchers who won the State Appreciation and Encouragement Awards , the University Awards for the year 2021 and  the most influential scientists, The Best Scientific Research Award for Faculty staff Members and Researchers in Egyptian Universities in the Climate Change Competition, the Ministry of Planning awards for the Youth for Development initiative, the best medicine  faculty at the level of Egyptian universities In the citation rate provided by the Clarivate Foundation, the best scientific publication by  University employees .

In the presence of  Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Meligy, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez, vice President  for Postgraduate and Research/ Cultural Affairs, Prof. Mohamed Attia El-Bayomy, Vice President for Education and Students  Affairs, former ministers, university presidents and vice presidents, The directors of the university’s hospitals and medical centers, deans and vice deans of the university’s faculties, and Mr. Osama Moussa,  Secretary General of the University .

Prof. El-Meligy appreciated  the role of scientists and researchers at the university in enriching scientific research and raising the university's ranking  locally and globally, and  he stressed on  the university's role to provide an appropriate climate  for scientific research.

He expressed his hope to link scientific research with industry, which is the way to develop societies. He also mention to the importance of the international publication of university research in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Prof.  Hafez referred to the increasing development of scientific research in recent years as a result of the university administration’s interest and the efforts of post graduate sector in developing scientific research by blending the experience of the senior scientists with the enthusiasm of young researchers, and he called for increasing  of international publishing in fields of global interest to raise the university’s ranking, he also referred to The university ’s  seeking to provide an appropriate environment that can help researchers to produce more  internationally published research .

Dr. Amr Awad, Coordinator of Research at Mansoura University, mentioned that there are 185  scientists who have won state awards, including 9 scientists for the year 2021

Mansoura University scientists published more than 28,000 research papers in international journals, and their research was cited by about 155,000 citations by the end of 2021, and  more than 3300 researches in international fields were published during the past year with an increased rate by 46%. And  he mentioned the accreditation of two laboratories and  he noted that the name of one of Mansoura University scientists was mentioned in The highest influential scientists list “Clarivate”.

Dr.Mona El-Helaly, Director of the ranking  Office at Mansoura University, presented the development of the university’s ranking  in international rankings among the top 500 in the world in the academic year 2022 , especially the Shanghai ranking  , and  US news ranking  .

Dr. Rania el-Tabey, the coordinator of Mansoura University project to raise international publishing in the field of  humanities and social sciences, reviewed the levels of implementing the university’s plan to enhance  international publishing, also training  researchers on how to publish in international journals.

Dr. Mohamed Raied, the consultant  of research intelligence at  Elsevier Publishing , presented facts about the scientific production at Mansoura University according to international databases, and he praised the remarkable progress in various research fields  and the progress of international cooperation in the field of research.  He  also added that Mansoura University obtained  international cooperation with 63 % of the total research According to global databases.

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