It is specialized in the following: 

- Contribution to developed the admission and registration systems.  

- Following-up the registration procedures for master's and doctorate degrees or canceling them.

- Supervising on the procedures for the supervisory committees based on the performance of the scientific departments and the college councils.

- Supervising on the procedures for approving the results and awarding the degrees at the university councils and reviewing the ministerial of decisions and sanctions for sending them to the editorial unit to prepare the original certificates.

- Supervising on the procedures for requesting to grant the equivalence of diplomas by others countries through the Supreme Council of Universities.

- Cooperation with the faculties at the university for preparation and development the regulations of post-graduate studies.

- Maintaining the all information about MA, PhD and post-graduate studies.

- To express the opinion about the development of the executive regulations that is issued from the organization of universities.

- Supervising on recording the information that is relating to expatriate students that are from the colleges.


Post-graduate studies administration includes:

1. Studying and registration

2. Post-graduates Affairs


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