Statements and Certificates

Statements and certificates are documents with serial numbers and watermarks, 

some of which are visible and other signs appear through the private device. This security is in order to prevent any manipulation or falsification. The fees of statements or certificates are 50 pounds.

These documents are the only papers whose data are reviewed, validated and documented by the General Administration of Post-graduate Studies at the university before being ratified by the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval at embassies and outside the Republic.

A- Statements:

The Post-graduate student at Mansoura University from approval of enrollment or registration of the degree, can obtain a documented insured from the university explaining his / her academic status. Especially, international students can get a document with the dates of enrollment in the various faculties of the university.

B- Certificates:

After the approval of the university council to grant the students degrees (diploma - Master - Ph.D.), the students can obtain the temporary certificates approved by the university until the original certificates are completed.



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