The Research administration specializes in the following: 

- Supervising on the implementation of research plans and providing their requirements 

through the general policy of the university.

- Supervising on the provision the appropriate conditions for scientific research at the university.

- Supervising on the establishment of relations with the other scientific research centers inside and outside the country.

- Supervising on the outside and internal scientific problems and following-up them.

- Supervising on the dissemination of scientific research projects that are received from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Supreme Council of Universities.

- Supervising on the preparation of the bulletins and scientific evidence.

- Supervising on the formation of scientific research committees at the faculties.

- Presentation the researches contracts for Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research to sign.

- Setting up systems for the research accounts that are explaining the disbursements and managing the funds of the scientific research fund at the university.

- Supervising on the provision of all administrative facilities to researchers.

- Supervising on the implementation of the decisions of the Graduate Studies and Research Council.

- Announcing the annually of the Awards University: the University of Merit, encouragement and the best thesis of the Masters and Ph.D.


The Research administration includes:

1. The Scientific Publishing

2. The Research projects

3. The Awards

















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