Prof. Dr Mahfouz Kassem Scholarship by the DAAD-Stiftung

Prof. Dr Mahfouz Kassem Scholarship by the DAAD-Stiftung

 ‘’Prof. Dr Mahfouz Kassem Scholarship’’.

The call for the academic year 2024 is currently open for application!

With this scholarship, the DAAD-Stiftung awards the Prof. Dr Mahfouz Kassem Scholarship for Master students, doctoral candidates/PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to enable them to conduct research and further their training in Germany. The scholarship is also intended to support networking between Egyptian and German colleagues in the field. 

The DAAD-Stiftung pursues similar objectives to those of its trustee, the DAAD e.V. with the difference that the funding available is donated by private individuals. The DAAD-Stiftung and its trustee collaborate closely in administering this funding.

Eligible to apply are excellently qualified Master students (in the thesis phase), doctoral candidates and young academics conducting research in fields relevant to the pharmaceuticals industry in Egypt.Applicants may not be currently studying or employed at an institution in Germany. A further requirement is that the result of the research project is useful in the broadest sense for the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt. Applicants can be a maximum of 35 years old at the time of application.

The scholarship is awarded for a minimum period of two and a maximum period of three months.

The deadline for application is the 31st of October 2023. Only application submitted online through the DAAD portal can be considered.

You can find detailed information about this scholarship under the following link.

We would highly appreciate your support by disseminating the announcement to the target segments and all candidates who might be interested to conduct their research in Germany.

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