Office of Research and Post-graduate Development

Within the framework of the keenness of the postgraduate studies and research sector to provide appropriate services to improve the rank of scientific research, an office is established to deal with scientific research through:

1. Maintain the authenticity of scientific research.

2. International Publishing:

  • Scientific research published in Arabic.
  • Scientific research published in English.

3. Local courses issued by colleges and units of Mansoura University.

4. Theses.

5. Global rankings of universities.

6. Identity database of researchers.

The most important of these subjects that work on the Office of Research Development and Post-graduate Studies:

Maintaining the authenticity of scientific research:

  • Turnitin program examines theses and researches for researchers, whether graduate students or faculty members, and program iThenticate to examine the research papers of the promotion of faculty members to reveal the authenticity of scientific research.
  • Turnitin program checks the scientific content of the database of the program, including websites of up to 80 million sites and the program saves a copy of scientific research in its database.  Therefore, it is dedicated to graduate students (Masters and Ph.D., and research extracted from scientific theses), research publishing incentives, and university awards.
  • As for the program iThenticate checks the research papers with the global academic databases in addition to the sites of up to 80 sites, and does not save a copy of scientific research.

Research Impact Factor: "Impact Factor"

  • Evaluating journals, whether extraction of special certificates through the work of the impact factor of research to apply for state awards.
  • Examination of the evaluation of journals, whether Q1, Q2…. and so on.
  • Holding training courses for faculty members and graduate students to explain how to publish and how to choose the best journals for publishing.

Examination of Master and PhD theses:

  • Examining the subjects of theses for registration for master's and doctoral degrees through the Federation of Egyptian Universities Libraries.
  • Registration on the Knowledge Bank of Egypt for researchers whether faculty members or graduate students.
  • Extract the profiles of faculty members to register on the following sites for free: (Orc id, Research id, Research gate Profile and Academia)
  • Making a deposit of the thesis plans as a record of the study of master's and doctoral theses on the website of the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Issuance of deposit numbers for theses under study (Master or PhD)

Quotation Examination Requirements for Research Promotion for Faculty Members


  • National ID card.
  • Data form (word).
  • Dean's approval letter for examination.
  • Research papers in PDF format.
  • Electronic copy of applications (via e-mai)l.
  • In the case of research previously examined on the program for iThenticate should be clarified.
  • In case of research that has been previously examined on the program for iThenticate , this is indicated in the data form by making it distinctive in a different color and writing has been examined before.
  • Applications should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requirements for checking the quotation of theses

  • Copy of the national ID card.
  • Tutition fees.
  • Data form (word)
  • Declaration certified and stamped (for those who belong to the University of Mansoura).
  • The thesis is in word format.
  • Publication research paper or Letter of acceptance of publication.

Requirements for examination of theses

  • A subject examination letter from the Vice Dean for Post-graduate Studies and Research, signed and accredited.
  • Protocol signed by supervisors.
  • Tutition fees
  • Protocol on CD ( Word file and PDF file).


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