International Digital Center for Applied Skills

It is one of the outputs of the project of distance learning and educational innovation Tempus –ADIP in cooperation with some Egyptian universities and the regional office of the AUF in the Middle East and a number of Lebanese and European universities. The center was established by Mansoura University Council with decision No. (538) on 26 March 2018.

* The center relies on the merit learning system (COMPETENCY - BASED LEARNING) to provide its services through distance learning and integrated learning.


Objectives of the Center

1- Disseminating the culture of distance learning of different types among faculty members, students of Mansoura University graduates, other universities and community members.

2- Developing cooperation, partnership and exchange of experiences between Mansoura University and Egyptian, regional and international universities in the field of distance learning.

3 - Preparing distinct programs for distance learning that achieve the real needs of the community and the labor market with continuous development.

4. Training faculty members to devise digital teaching methods in all practical fields.

5 - Upgrading the skill levels of students, graduates and community members in all scientific disciplines at the local, regional and international levels.


Activities of the Center:

The Center operates through the following activities:

1- Conducting distance learning courses.

2- Holding courses.

3- Information Technology.

 4. Provision of advisory services.

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