Word of Vice-President

Word of Vice-President

Mansoura University is one of the most established academic monuments in Egypt. The University has a distinguished scientific position in various international universities’ rankings. The postgraduate, research, cultural relations and libraries sectors have played a pivotal role in reaching such position. Through modernization and continuous development, the sector aims to promote the university's international ranking.

    In the field of graduate studies, we seek to develop the registration process, study and evaluation systems through a deliberate digital transformation. We aim to achieve the difficult equation between attracting the largest number of students from inside and outside Egypt while maintaining programs’ quality. Internationalization of our graduate programs is among our chief pillars to excellence.

     The field of research is the university’s path towards scientific renaissance. We aim to support researchers financially and logistically for world-class creativity and publication, which contributes to the promotion of the university and the renaissance of the homeland. We also aim to support and develop our own outstanding research centers. Creation of a digital network between different research units would enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences among researchers.

    Cultural relations and international cooperation will witness the greatest interest to achieve the exchange of experiences and research with all universities and research centers, especially the most prestigious ones.

    The young generation of researchers and faculty members will always be the fuel of promotion of the sector, university and homeland. Our support will be endless, helping them achieve their research and innovation hopes.

     Success will only be achieved by all of you and we await your support and suggestions. We will always strive to be a boost for you and not an obstacle in your way. Our hopes and ambitions will be achieved with seriousness, diligence, justice and transparency.

My best wishes to you all and to all the sector’s staff.


Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez

Vice President of Graduate Studies & Research

Mansoura University



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