Vision and Objectives


The Committee shall perform its work with a view to achieving the following principles:

1- Respecting the rights and dignity of the faculty members, their assistants, researchers, post-graduate students at the university.

2. Promoting the excellence of research.

3. Impacting on research plans.

4. Improving the management and organization of research papers.


The Committee aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- Supporting the implementation of the ethics of scientific research at all faculties of the university, in particular theses (Master - Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy) – Research papers - Research projects.

2. Evaluate the training needs of the faculty members who are reviewing the ethical aspects of research papers in the different faculties of the university.

3. Organizing and coordinating the training of those responsible for supervising research from the faculty members.

4 - Spreading the culture and increasing awareness of the ethical rules of scientific research among those involved in scientific research.

5. Protecting human rights and dignity.

6 - Develop the ethical rules for animal welfare during experiments and the means of disposal of the trash or which failed experiments after the end of the research.

7. Protection of researchers' intellectual property rights in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 82 of 2002.

8. Encouraging researchers to publish their research in international scientific journals with high impact factor, which is influenced on the academic level of the university faculty members and then raise the world rankings of the university.

9 - Help colleges in the development of plans for scientific research.

10. Publish electronic guidelines and information to make the members of the committee and their participants aware of the ethical rules of scientific research.

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